Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Can't see the Wood for the Grass

[quote=Simone;139098]I took the shorter version of the test you directed me to and came up I*S*PT?!? There's no way I'm an "S." I love the whole idea behind Myers-Briggs, but the test questions do me wrong sometimes. For example, when I am in a forest I strongly prefer the feel of the wind on my face to thinking about theories and ideas...That doesn't mean I'm an "S."
Oh well, guess I'll never know my sub-type. Jeez.[/quote]

Eagles INTP and other introspectives may see the whole Forest, although I think the Hawk INTJ only sees part, and the Bears ISTP see the Trees, but I am not so sure the Dog ISTP sees the Wood or the Trees. Just sniffs around a bit, and the Bull or Cow ESTJ just sees Grass.

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