Thursday, 17 September 2009

Love Killer

I gave up on love years ago, anything that makes you feel free is good

however, don't be afraid to be emotionally available to people, to enjoy them etc, have fun and also support them if they need it

I love being a good guy and being understanding, but at the same time I do not fall into the trap of "love", which is the false belief that "it" lasts forever, there is no "love" that could last, love is intangible, an illusion, often propagated by hollywood

not being enthralled is great, plus it is attractive, you can fall in love with a lot of people simultaneously, it's not a finite resource

so enjoy life, be free, don't deny your feelings, but at the same time don't inflate them artificially with that "love" talk

I think you've taken a major step in the right direction

you can also read my guide to getting girls here:

This is just T in overload from my position:

TNPI-"the saboteur"
The other of the flipped rationals, the TNPI has found a favored heuristic with which to destroy any system. This type prefers to destroy in service of a stronger whole, which it ironically knows will never be perfect or complete.

Love Exists. One way love and you are vulnerable. Love means different things to different people. Ironically, it is the ISTP and INTPs that says things like this, because they are the ones that get hurt by Love, because of their archery. Just don't fire in the direction of Cats ISFP.

There is the NF position of ideal love, but this is different. And SF Cats that go with the flow.

Maybe, I am a Roman who doesn't care for the Thracian Horsemen ESFJ.

If you wanna to be happy for a week take a wife, if you want to be happy all your life, plant a garden. (Anon.)


Glaucus said...

heuristic | hj()rstk | a. & n. E19. [Irreg. f. Gk heuriskein find, after wds in -ISTIC from vbs in -izein -IZE.] A adj. 1 Serving to find out or discover something. E19. 2 Of or pertaining to heurism in education. L19. 3 Esp. Computing. Designating or employing trial-and-error methods in problem-solving. M20. B n. 1 a Heuretic logic. E19. b A heuristic method for attempting the solution of a problem; a rule or item of information used in such a process. M20. 2 In pl. (treated as sing.). The study and use of heuristic techniques in data processing. M20.heuristical a. = HEURISTIC a. 2 M19. heuristically adv. M20.

Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc.

Anonymous said...

Glaucus, you are very erudite. How about some more detail on ISFp cats for those of us that are having issues with them? And ISFJ rodents. I enjoy the metaphorical details.

Glaucus said...

Links to;

I blame Sex in the City.