Friday, 25 September 2009

The Depressive Character

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All I've ever been is a people repellent. I've been diagnosed with a despressive personality. I enjoy sabotaging and hurting happy relationships so poeple have to experience my daily existence. When people get upset because they lost their boyfriend, I tell them coldly: "toughen up, wussbag." I am not fun. I am friendly, although I've never been given a chance. And if I got hugrushed, I'd kill people to get out of the mass.

[quote=Mutatio NOmenis;145771]*snaps neck*. Pathetic optimist, not realizing the truth of my situation. I''ve been like this since birth.[/quote]

I have too many of my own problems to solve, but all you have to do is to use your Intuition more and relegate the Thinking to the service of your Intuition. Thinking TN (Theorist) is not where it is at unless you want to be in a wheelchair like the Mekon (Eagle comic).

Thinking should be employed to avoid the Unicorns & Narwhales* ESFJ (JSFE) though. Unicorns are natural but Narwhales are created by unfortunate circumstances. (The latter is the Glaucus Underwater Pressure Type Divination System: unpublished).

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