Saturday, 5 September 2009

Fabulous Team

[QUOTE=saeble;45519]INTJs are fabulous editors and analysers of any work you might be doing. You just have to make sure you're wearing the proverbial pants and don't let them get ideas above their station. ;) Rarely are they contributors, most times, they are reductive and refining agents.
The moment you let them believe that they can try doing the whole ENTP thing and build an idea from scratch... is where they fall over. Thankfully, they rarely try because when you try flipping the roles, the ENTPs penchant for prospecting for good ideas makes them incisive and very good at assessing the kernels of new ideas, they know which will grow and which wont, INTJs, as much as they would like to be good at assessing risk and going out on a limb, aren't.[/QUOTE]

A fabulous doctrine.

Football Team:
ENTJ as Boss, INTJ as Deputy, INTP or ENTP as Architect of Ideas/Legal Advisor, ESFJ as Salesman, ISTJ as Security, ENFP as Researcher, ESFP as Performer, ENFJ as Teacher (or INFJ Graphic Designer), three ISFJ helpers.

Substitutes: ESFJ (Chauffeur), ESTJ (Logistics), ISTJ (Bookkeeper), ISFP (Designer/Artwork), INFP (Counsellor).

No position has been allocated for the ISTP Artisan or ESTP Promoter. The first one would be the working class tradesman. The Promoter would be their Boss.

They would be engaged on a sub-contract. Or the ISTP could be the Maintenance Man.

Do INTP/ENTP feel excluded? Nobody cares about their ideas because they do not understand. To start with they are thought of as ISTPs without a trade. And their P is not understood so they have dumb down to the J of the Bosses who are simply not listening.

Typology Prayers:

ENTJ: "Lord, help me slow downandnotrushthroughwhatIdo."
INTJ: "Lord keep me open to others' ideas, WRONG though they may be."


Anonymous said...

Why does ISFP get to do design/artwork? They should be relegated to janitorial duties.

Glaucus said...

It's make Art or make Babies.

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