Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Dirt Box

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Is it possible that your mbti type help you to determine your sexual orientation? if the answer is yes, what types would be more propense to be gay and what types will be less propense?

Any sociologists out there? There appears to be five types of people that have a tendency towards being attracted to their own gender for love and sex:

1) Warrior type of adolescent that has never grown up to the stage of liking the opposite sex

2) Adolescent with the narcissist Mother who is discouraging to her son and she does not like males

3) Lonely dependent who is more like a girl

4) Prisoner of fate who lacks the opprtunity for girls and is living a pretence (rare)
Or directly intimidated, raped or groomed by criminal sodomites for their nefarious purposes
(not as rare as supposed)

5) Slut who is so jaded and bored and needs a bit of variety (rare)

So love, you want your knight in shining armour (Guard SJ) to come and whisk you off: it ain't gonna happen love. Go and see your girlfriend with the cropped air and Doc Martin's. And the day that the bayou is going to break, I do not want any Gay Pride heavies coming to my door with baseball bats and iron bars.

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