Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Open Heart Pendant

depend cf.

pend | pend | v.3 L15. [App. f. Fr. pendre hang f. late L f. L pendere, or aphet. f. APPEND v. or DEPEND.] 1 v.i. & t. Hang; be attached or attach to

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Beside Another = Marriage (or partner)

Pended to, dependent, independent, co-(de)pendent*, hung up (Beside Ourselves), hung over, hanging from the rafters.

Or stone free?

co- | k | pref. [L, var. of COM- esp. bef. vowels, h, and gn: cf. COL-, CON-, COR-.] 1 Used in wds adopted f. L and in Eng. wds modelled on these, and as a productive pref., forming: (a)vbs f. vbs w. the sense 'with others', as co-edit, cooperate; (b)adjs. f. adjs. and advs. f. advs. w. the senses 'jointly', 'mutually', as co-belligerent, coequal, coequally; (c)ns. f. ns. w. the senses 'joint', as co-author, co-precipitation, and 'mutual', as coequality

co dependent - Depending on each other - as when soil, for example, depends on a variety of animals to remain as a functioning system, and the animals in turn ...
Definitions are misleading ?

She wore an Open Heart Pendant

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