Friday, 9 October 2009

Yeti was not Spanked enough in her Childhood

Yeti was not Spanked enough in her Childhood

Benny Fish-head SFJ or the Abominable Snowman devised a plan to benefit his family/gang by sacrificing virgins to the Snow Leopard ESTP and when the tourists complained, selling or hiring out the virgins to their foreign rescuers.

Benny Volent NTJ got to hear about this and the Wolfman Boss ENTJ sent out the Dog Soldiers ISTJ to investigate. They got him on failing to pay the Death Duties on the Air Burials when he threw his elderly relatives off the mountains whilst still alive.

The moral of this story is that NTJ only care about the community at large and not the individuals comprising it. The Commander will torture his subjects for not toeing the party line.
You want to elect as Boss a NFJ who is both benevolent and beneficient with a rational partner.

Tony Blair is an Idealist ENFJ and Cherie Blair INTJ (possibly INTP?) Gordon Brown is ENTJ. Sarah Brown is a INFJ ?

These would both be best marriage matches under the Perseus System.

On the Perseus System the Best Advisor for Tony Blair would be an ENTP Visionary and the Best Advisor for Gordon Brown would be a Journalist ENFP.

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