Thursday, 1 October 2009

Rational Thinking: Notes for Discussion

[quote=Tlatoani;147590]As I see it Ti is a filter for the information we receive, Ti takes the idea or information and analyzes it with skepticism comparing it with what we already know is truth so that we see if the new information fits the framework or not, it also analyzes it with pure logic, finding if the new idea/information contradicts itself or contradicts another axiom of logic.

But when a self proclaimed INTP is too stupid(lacking the intelligence to apply logic) or too ignorant (not having the means to compare the new information with previous known knowledge) to analyze something properly, then it's as if he didn't have Ti in the first place.

He may receive the information and accept it without doubting it for a second eliminating the purpose of Ti as a filter.

Then it doesn't matter if someone has the tendency to analyze everything, if there's no intelligence and knowledge, Ti doesn't work.

That's why Intelligence and Knowledge is a requirement for INTPs and no INTP can exist without it.[/quote]

Very ingenious. Very INTJ. The Perseus 384 System does not demand that Thinking be the leading for process for INTPs. It may be so in practice, but this may not be true to type.

The above explanation does not explain the delay in processing information that the INTP often experiences. This I call the "adsorb to manifesto" delay as some input may not fit in the current manifest (called truth in the above message).

Perseus also correlates Thinking with the IQ Test, rather the basic type T allocation indicates the potential for thinking.
The Perseus system also equates Inutition with Knowledge or the potential to acquire knowledge.

My personality is a definite INTP or PNIT rather, but NT is not the leading process. I am either NP Questor or NP Psychedelic by natural type. Job roles may demand different behaviour.

The INTJ (NT leader) uses the "amazing" reductive method. He is not a TP Projector.

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