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As an INTP, I hate acting to someone’s liking. This includes waitering, playing in some show, fake smiling, fake anything. I think we are mostly in agreement over this.

However, as "chameleons" we are pseudo actors in a different sense; I think it is safe to say that we can be masters of improvisational one-on-one acting, as well as situation improvisation. But by using our inner chameleon, we are not really faking or acting, just really using a certain part of (very general) selves. There are certain things that require excessive use of certain parts of us, at which point I think it can become “faking�. Basically, while being a chameleon is useful, acting is more deceitful.

Personally compared to the average person I am able to see right through most “fakers�, or people who are able to fake for long periods at a time, which is why statistically I never find the actor types (or anyone else you can really get into a “role�) attracted to me(cause they know it) - nor I to them. Exceptions of course are always present like with everything, but it is statistically true that I don’t bond well with these types of people (sorry for the stereotype if it offends anyone).

On a side note, even if I was in a play, I can’t memorize anything word for word, so id be pretty useless – unless maybe it was an improvisation act. But really I cant be bothered

Do any of you enjoy waitering? Any comments on "chameleonism vs. acting"? Anyone like acting in plays?

An Eagle INTP moving down to the feeding grounds has to develop strategies for his morph-change. I use a Turtle and hide inside my shell, sticking my neck out at great risk. If I was shell-less like a Chameleon I would wear a multi-coloured coat and change its camouflage XNTP. Actors are usually Performers ESTP. They fly just like Butterflies or Dragonflies.

Just remember your lines (lies) and don't bump into the furniture.

What is your Deceitful shadow process. Using the perseus 384 system, I'm a PNIT and it would be Extroversion. But I could shape-shift to make it the Devilish Feeling.

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