Sunday, 18 October 2009


If the Eagle INTP is not passive (i.e. INTP, not ENTP Sidewinder) he will spook the Horsemen ESFJ with possible dire (ENTJ siding with the Guards SJ) results, or even fatal if the Adversary is a Unicorn JSEF. Even a cognitive shift or an outright deception (3rd shadow) will not be guaranteed to work.

Passive-aggressive is not a disorder it is a cognitive MO. Millon is a Fraud.

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Glaucus said...

[QUOTE=Madrigal;1232196]I am now!

Is this a justification for passivity?[/QUOTE]

It is sometimes called Finland.

Choose the battles you can win (assertive) and avoid the ones that you will lose (passive) because of overwhelming force on the other side. Random extrovertism, random assertiveness, extroversion not harnessed by Intuition, Thinking is a menace and often illegal and immoral.

The Turtle XNTP sticks his head (and neck) back inside his armoured shell. Come out of your shell, she said, and then she threw him to the Wolves ENTJ.