Friday, 16 October 2009

Self actualization

[quote=Harley;156200]Some type descriptions are unbelievably biased and stereotypical not to mention they commonly ascribe personal preferences and taste as part of personality. If you can dig through the fluff describtors and really study MBTI properly you can find some value in it. But it should not neccessarily be the end of self-actualization. Not to mention MBTI holds of no value if you are just going to use it to dictate your life in terms of work/love life/who you should socialize with etc.[/quote]

Actually, I never think about self actualization and I thought this was a trait of ENFPs?

In Perseus theory it should be a trait of NFs.

Who is going to bring about this actualisation? The alcoholic woman married a publican, drank herself to death and sent the pub into bankruptcy.

Is the film director a pimp? See Ben Elton's "Popcorn"?

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