Monday, 5 October 2009

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

[QUOTE=Notsweetynice;826013]It is accepted that we are born with a temperament which quickly becomes a personality, one that will soon fall into an MBTI category. For most of us, certain functions just come naturally and others are more difficult; This is especially true for the more extreme personalities.

It is also accepted that as we age we begin to develop our inferior functions. Why this happens is a mystery, but the end result is what I consider a 'wise' person. These are older people who just exude a certain balance. They seem to have self actualized.

So, my question is that if we become too static in our MBTI, too proud and resistant to developing inferior functions, is that when we cease to develop? Do forums like this one which aim to build confidence actually stunt development?[/QUOTE]

By failing to move out of our comfort zone, do we become diminished like Tom Thumb and have to hitch a lift from the rest of society?

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