Saturday, 17 October 2009

Mausoleum UK

Mausoleum UK
The different types of INTP have different career choices.

I am a PNIT and the choices are

Literary Inventor (or something like that) This is about what I actually do (or did) but the jobs are few and far between and often unappreciated by the payers.
Ice Cream Vendor (or I suppose vendor for anything the public wants and is not too competitive)

Actually: Literary Stuntman, which might mean Literary Dwarf.

Actually = self actualisation (not a superfluous word)

My job (not well paid) is near the first one.

I will have to go out of my type to get work that pays enough in England. There is too much competition for the available jobs.

The NT types have a greater work choice.

I am frustrated. I can't get enough dosh. Not only that I have political opponents on the literary level from the Bombadiers who would burn all the books and lock up the scientists who might want to tell the truth, i.e. the Big Cats ESTP are building a Mausoleum UK

If you have financial backing and the right partner, a proprieter of a museum, public house, education facility would be a very good choice. This is ENTP mode at times, but it is very difficult because the Great British Public are bloody awkward. So are the financial backers who want a return for their investment and don't like risky enterprises. Most of the public will not appreciate what they get and just moan and some of them will be a nuisance.

Another choice is Librarian. It is a bit of a cop out, for retirement

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