Saturday, 30 August 2008

Notes on the Millon Map

The Millon Map of personality types is not fixed. My experience has proven to my satisfaction that the existential positions and behaviour of a person is their choice and not ingrained. They may appear fixed because of psycho-social circumstances. In other words, a sadist chooses to be a sadist, a narcissist chooses to be a Nark, a paedophile chooses to molest prepubertal, and a homeless wanderer can change into a property owning fisherman (Tortilla Flat).

Using Tortilla Flat as an example, we can see (in theory) that the behaviour of your friends and acquaintances can effect your personality. Hang around with wasters* and you become the anti-socials as explained in the Millon Map.

(F) Expressively Impulsive (e.g., is impetuous and irrepressible, acting hastily and spontaneously in a restless, spur-of-the-moment manner; is short-sighted, incautious and imprudent, failing to plan ahead or consider alternatives, no less heed consequences).
So, who would put a person like this in charge?

Lack of opportunities etc, can lead to this. Distress can create a great deal of restlessness.
I do not think the basic personality types can change all that much though. Your personality type is defined earlier. My trade is a writer (you may have guessed with the messages), which has income shortcomings. I am also a researcher and analyst, and my current project is bullying.

* There is the story of the Tennyson poem called Rizpah, where the perpetrators were hung at Goldstone Bottom.

On a larger political scale, a collective of nihilists (and perhaps absurdists) undermine the position of resource-owning authority. It is revolting.

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