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A conflict is a protracted struggle between personalities, ideas, and interests. Is all conflict bad?
The Chinese characters for crisis are "danger and opportunity." The cause of conflicts, under to the scheme of Dr. David Cornacks are:

1. territorial conflict refers to fighting for roles, titles, or responsibility
2. border conflict is caused when there are overlapping rules or responsibility
3. resource conflict is when there is a limit of financial or physical resource that everyone wants to use.
4. ethnic conflict are the prejudices and preconceptions that we carry into all situations
5. influence conflict refuses to recognize the influence another person has.
6. personality conflict results from a person's own personal insecurity and fears.
7. ideological conflict stems from differing religious, political, and educational philosophies

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Further information on conflicts

Such a tactic is an excuse to avoid addressing the real causes of conflict, and the department’s performance will suffer as a result. Managers must be able to recognize the signs of conflict behaviors and deal with the conflict in a forthright fashion.
In intimidation cases, the behaviour of one or more persons seems to be the reason.
Group Conflict

These are worse* than personality conflicts. There is a certain common ground when a group intimidates an individual.
(*Personality conflicts can end in murder, group conflicts can result in genocide and war.)

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