Sunday, 3 August 2008

Body Chemical Alteration by Pharmaceuticals

A nervous system stimulant will enhance your Sensing abilities over your Intuition. Intelligence = Thinking abilities (correlated with IQ) is on the Feeling-Thinking continuum (my interpretation). That is why cocaine habitee Sigmund Freud was such an IDiot!

I expect a psychedelic will enhance (temporarily) your Perception over your Judgement.

Alcohol will probably enhance your Feeling over your Thinking.

Morphine (morph-shifter) (heroine) may enhance your iNtuition over your Sensation ???

Speculative information on short term chemical devices.

But if you get the bonk whilst cycling, it is a glycogen shortfall, and your need some bread and tea (tea is a nervous system stimulant).

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Glaucus said...

Its a Sensation , Its Fantastic !

Attempting to find a drug that enhances chess playing abilities. A stimulant has both good and bad effects, helping with the calculation and tactics, but mucking up the strategy. It may help some players and make others worse. Morphine may work in the opposite way, but with high intuition and poor concentration this is not popular with me. A stimulant (like multiple cups of tea) may work with me.

This does not mean that a stimulant improves intelligence. It improves sensing and concentration. Improvement in this field is better for success in our current society, but not for IQ tests and not for playing chess.

Social Support seems to improve performance. The home football teams statistically win many more games.

Psychedelics and alcohol will may things worst and these are recommended to give to your opponent. A fall off in play quality is guaranteed.