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Which animals can be tamed?

Modern Animism World

Modern Animism World (Latest Revision)

The World of Modern Personality Types:>

ENFJ: "Teacher" = BEAVER 5% Educating [Givers]Family life and charismatic, but can dam up and block the flow. Busy.> Natural builders: tamed by giving them something constructive.

ENFP: "Journalist" = FERRET 3% Motivating (Champion) [Inspirors]Enthusiastic hunter and ferreter out of information.> Need a long leash and liable to go native.

ENTJ: "Field Marshall" = WOLF 5% Mobilizing [Executives]Found in packs with one top dog who must be obeyed or defeated in battle.> Has to be the Boss.

ENTP: "Inventor" = SNAKE 2% Devising [Visionaries]Alien system and cannot hear the words, only feel the vibrations. Can be isolated.> Pretends to dance to the tune, but essentially wild. Liable to be run over and destroyed.

ESFJ: "Seller" = HORSE 13% Supplying (Provider) [Care Givers]Wild horses are terrifying, but they can be tamed and ridden.> Has to be tamed and ridden often and subdued by a martingale.

ESFP: "Entertainer" = BUTTERFLY 13% Demonstrating (Performer)Males are often more colourful. Lots of caterpillar style practice and shine briefly.> Natural socialite.

ESTJ: "Administrator" = BULL 13% Enforcing [Guardians]The Ox pulls the plough on behalf of the bosses. The herd can stampede and crush other animals.> Milked often.

ESTP: "Promoter" = LION or TIGER 13% Persuading [Doers]Ferocious predator, but not usually malicious. Ruthlessness can cause the same damage though.> Not really tamable without a whip.

INFJ: "Author" = SKYLARK 1% Guiding (Counselor)Very complicated singing the tune.> Can be caught and put in a cage.

INFP: "Questor = BIRD OF PARADISE 1.25% (Males 0.6%) Conciliating (Healer) Elaborate mating rituals and sometimes goes on flights. > Can be caught and put in a cage.

INTJ: "Scientist" = HAWK 1% Entailing (part of Arranging)(Mastermind)Penetrating eyesight with talons.>
On a long leash.

INTP: "Architect" = EAGLE 1% Designing High flier in the clouds with talons.> On an even longer leash. May be caged (Phoenix)

ISFJ: "Conservator" = MOUSE 6% Securing (Protector) [Nurturers]Follows the same old trails (rule book) and can contaminate, but nice and cute if clean.> Intimidation will tame the mouse. All ways.

ISFP: "Artist" = CAT 5% Synthesizing (part of Composing)Goes where she enjoys best advantage. Independent and unfaithful if neglected.> Essentially wild, but can be tamed by creature comforts.

ISTJ: "Trustee" = DOG 6% Certifying [Duty Fillers]Pack animal tamed by his Master. Varied types.> Easy and necessary.

ISTP: "Craftsman" = BEAR 5% Instrumenting [Mechanics]{Artisan}If they are good the Bears will go to the picnic. Big and unstoppable if they want something. > Can dance to the tune with the use of force.

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