Friday, 1 January 2010

Love Birds (Courtesy of Third Place)

I-type- "the nesters"

INFP-"the martyr"- This type tends to sacrifice themselves in an effort to promote their peculiar sense of truth.

INPF-"jesus christ"-Like a more refined version of "the martyr," this type tends to turn their very identity into a metaphor for the truth they promote.

IFNP-"cat hotel"-This isolation-prone subtype tends to idealize simplicity and a-rationality.

IFPN-"the hoarder"- A combination of strong sensory and feeling preference makes this type prone to collecting various objects to symbolize emotional states and periods in time.

IPFN-"bathtime"-The combination of a highly fluid identity and relative sensory preference in this type means they like an inordinate quantity of alone time.

IPNF-"commonlaw"-Stasis and apathy tends to overwhelm this subtype. Often mistaken for an INTP.

N-type- "the manipulators"

NIPF-"master of puppets"- This type is very adept at creating concord or discord, without appearing involved. Its motives remain inscrutable. Of the INFPs who are mistaken for INTPs, this is the most dangerous.

NIFP-"guilt trip"- Much like the NIPF, but with a strong sense of right and wrong, this subtype can always intuit the motives of others.

NFIP-"journey of shame"-This subtype is like a more extraverted "guilt trip", and uses this power to make large groups of people feel bad.

NFPI- "performance artist"-This type almost always manifests as a "journey of shame" gone too far. They usually only succeed in making other people uncomfortable.

NPFI-"the zen seminar disruptor"-A bit like an F version of their NPTI cousins, they want to mediate, but tend to rely on the single answer "we're all one, maaaan."

NPIF-"the zookeeper"-Eerily close to their NPIT counterparts, this type collects personalities into elaborate menageries of potential. Also called the "animal hoarder"

P-type-"the daydreamers"

PINF-"The false INTP"-With a strong feeling about the possibilities for their identity, these types choose the type that fits their feelings about themselves the best, the INTP.

PIFN- "The angry aesthete"- Tying their identity to art, this type is angry about the very existence of art of low quality. Unfortunately, they're usually right.

PFIN-"Elliot Smith"-This type dominates the group of INFPs that are most likely to become poets and songwriters.

PFNI-"Stevie Nicks"-More extraverted than PFINs, this type will usually rely on help from others to promote their agenda, whatever that may be. Lucky for us, it's usually artistic.

PNFI-"Totorro"- This type knows that the possibility for dreamy cuddles is endless. Just don't piss it off.

PNIF-"Bukowski"-I told you not to piss Totorro off.

F-type-"the nurturers"

FINP- "the moralist"- The SJ of the INFP universe, this subtype carries a very robust moral code and is not shy about expressing it.

FIPN-"the veterinarian"- Healers in every sense of the word, these are like the FINP, but they tend to focus on the physical body of the "patient" first.

FNIP-"snuggie"- This type is always trying to find simple solutions to the emotional turmoil in people's lives. Once they find the solution, they try to apply it wherever possible.

FNPI-"cuddle puddle"-This nurturer tends to use its very personality as an emotional ointment for the troubles of their subject.

FPIN-"fursuit"- This subtype is preoccupied with the possibilities for refined emotions. This can lead it to a variety of novel solutions for self- and group-expression.

FPNI-"care bear"- A less refined version of the "fursuit," this type tries to craft novel emotional solutions for each separate relationship.

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