Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hawkhurst Gang

[quote=Isitso;220388]All types can be stubborn about their opinions. Perhaps INTJs are more likely to recognize it in themselves. Personally I find myself to be quite open and will change my opinion if it is a false one, all that is needed is legitimate proof against it. This very thread shows a common way of INTJ processing- you observed something within yourself and then attempted to apply the concept to a greater whole, the entire type of INTJ.[/quote]

The Perseus System has INTJs as Hawks and Owls. The Owl version of the INTJ is in conflict with the Eagle INTP version. I am probably Condor (the nearest English equivalent is Sea Eagle) so Owls do not phase me normally, although Owlers have been known to disturb me extremely badly.

Owls will introduce a new premise into the equation for their own gratification.

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Glaucus said...

The Owl is the wise guy