Thursday, 15 January 2009

Violence (Notes for the Book)

Each animal type has its own method and frequency, e.g. the Horsemen ESFJ is very likely to do a straight facial attack with his fists, whereas the Eagle INTP is more likely to use the glass in the face. The Eagle being the more dangerous when roused to extremes, but the Horsemen is roused by mild stimulus the Eagle would not even notice. Alas, the Horsemen feeds on the success of his violence and they begin to realise it achieves results. The Bear ISTP is likely to use a punch in the face as well. The Snake ENTP may very well use the stiletto knife. He is six foot tall Horseman and he is a dangerous offensive weapon. It will need more than a puny little knife to take him down. I am going to hide underneath the rock and spit venom, or fly away like an Eagle.

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