Saturday, 17 January 2009

Dealing With Stress From Work

Dealing With Stress From Work

How do you deal with work-related stress?

Each personality type has different stressors and copes in different ways. Better understanding of your own stressors and coping mechanisms can help you reduce the tension and anxiety work stress often creates.

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My comments:

I find that the Field Marshall (ENTJ) does not really have any visionary ideas at all, but just steals ideas and concepts of other people (maybe from multiple sources) so I am not about to give him respect for his dogmatism, which often extends to outright bullying (ESTJ) and deserves to be hated and I will walk away from any of these sadists. These types seem to have the greatest power to cause the most harm (even to drive people to suicide). They should slow down and remember that their dogma is just an illusion.They have the Providor ascertained to a tee and will tie them up with knots. However, they seem unable to tell the difference between a Horseman (ESFJ) and an Architect (INTP) under the inferior function (fourth process).

I find Providors (ESFJ) start from a rather fixed rigid position and they simply get totally spooked by alternative views (ENTP). There logical conclusions from their rigid position appear twisted for their own selfish ends. They behave like a Control Freak. Rationals (NT) clash with the Irrationals (SF). It is a power struggle.

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