Thursday, 24 June 2010

Due Diligence Checklist

'Pre-Marriage Due-Diligence'

“The Due Diligence Checklist is truly amazing. I have downloaded this and distributed amongst my friends for discussion........I wish this sort of thing had been available to me when deciding whether or not to get married. The chat with the vicar didn’t really hit the spot and many issues just didn‘t get discussed (and I mean after the marriage too). Consequently that relationship failed over wanting children. As a single mum now, I shall be using the DCL as part of my decision making process if I start dating again, and I shall urge my children to do the same when the time comes”. Melanie Coombs


Glaucus said...

Going to the Dogs. This is the ISTJ way of marriage.

Glaucus said...

I think it is Dogshit, but just put there to show you how the Guard Dogs (ISTJ) actually think.