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Chapter 67: More Stories

Serpent and the Panda (INFP Teddy variant)
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I think ENTP like to be freedom but they dont give their partner the freedom that they want (they are selfish sometimes)


But the INFP doesn't mind, even though she may complain.

It is unfortunate if she marries a Racehorse ESFJ instead. She is never at the races.

Number 2 & 3:

The saccharine Insect (ESFP) and the waffle Hamster (ISFJ).

NB> 1. Of a plant: yielding manna (MANNA n.1 3a).

1857 R. G. MAYNE Expos. Lexicon Med. Sci. (1860), Yielding, or affording manna by the puncture of insects..: manniferous.
2. Of an insect: causing the production of manna (MANNA n.1 3d).



1857 R. G. MAYNE Expos. Lexicon Med. Sci. (1860), Applied to the Coccus manniparus which produces, by puncturing the branches of the Tamarix mannifera, the substance manna: manniparous. 1947 Isis 37 34/2 The question of the manna production by the algahi-plant is still not settled, as some scholars..think that it must be caused by a manniparous insect, while others believe that the exudation is provoked by lesions of the plants.

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