Sunday, 28 September 2008

Chapter Six

The Fates

"I am not letting my pretty young sister go out with that weirdo. We will get the boys to go around and burn him out!"

The Dragon (INFP) is hiding in his Barrow. The Controller (ENTJ regressing to ESTJ) now thinks he is dealing with a Fox that has gone to ground, which is a Dog-like character XXTJ. They are hounding (ISTJ) him. They think it is a good fun Artisan-style sport, but the Dragon regards it as torture.

Earlier * (the day before). I shook my head to an offer*. I just did not have the strength and I wanted an adversary to be a plonker, not me. *It was probably a Bear, but the circumstances were very difficult and it was hard to be sure. In my prime, I would taken her just for fun.

Revised Text:

The Dogs (ISTJ) want to bag you up and throw you in the river (streams of consciousnesss) which is not a nice thing to happen to a Dragon. He can go and hide in a nicy cosy barrow with rumours of a treasure. He flies above the river, rising above such unfortunate circumstances.

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