Friday, 6 January 2017


Word for ascribing animal-like mentality to humans (opposite of anthropomorphize)

Zoomorphism is the shaping of something in animal form or terms. Examples include:

Art that imagines humans as non-human animals
Art that portrays one species of animal like another species of animal
Art that creates patterns using animal imagery, or animal style
Deities depicted in animal form, such as exist in ancient Egyptian religion
Therianthropy: the ability to shapeshift into animal form[3]
Attributing animal form or other animal characteristics to anything other than an animal; similar to but broader than anthropomorphism
The tendency of viewing human behaviour in terms of the behaviour of animals, contrary to anthropomorphism, which views animal or non-animal behaviour in human terms
The word derives from the Greek ζωον (zōon), meaning animal, and μορφη (morphē), meaning shape or form.

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