Saturday, 4 April 2015

Meme Creator

NIPT-"the virus"
This identity subtype tries to infect others with a prevailing thought in order to create self-replicating satellites. The best memes are created by the NIPT.

pre·vail·ing (prĭ-vā′lĭng)
1. Generally current; widespread: the prevailing attitude.
2. Blowing usually or most frequently from a given direction: a prevailing easterly wind.

sat·el·lite (săt′l-īt′)
1. An object launched to orbit Earth or another celestial body, as a device for reflecting or relaying radio signals or for capturing images.
2. Astronomy A celestial body, such as a moon, planet, comet, or other solar system body, that orbits a larger body.
3. A small unit in a system or organization that is managed or controlled by a larger, often centrally located unit.
4. A nation dominated politically and economically by another nation.
5. An urban or suburban community located near a big city.
a. One who attends a powerful dignitary; a subordinate.
b. A subservient follower; a sycophant.

meme (mēm)
A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

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