Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Self Domain (Tidal Model)

The Self Domain is the private place where the person lives. Here the person experiences thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, ideas etc, which are known only to the person. In this private world the distress called ’mental illness’ is first experienced. All people keep much of their private world secret, only revealing to others what they wish them to know. This is why people are often such a ‘mystery’ to us, even when they are close friends or relatives.


In the Tidal Model the Self domain becomes the focus of our attempts to help the person feel more ‘safe and secure’; where we try to help the person address and begin to deal with the private fears, anxieties and other threats to emotional stability, which are related to specific problems of living. The main focus is to develop a ‘bridging’ relationship and to help the person develop a meaningful Personal Security Plan. This work becomes the basis of the development of the person’s ‘self-help’ programme, which will sustain the person on return to everyday life.

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