Sunday, 4 September 2011

Idealism (attitudes to)

Idealism is not necessarily condemned. However, the Guardians in Society (45% of people) follow the dictates of authority and idealists are often counter to the establishment. Rationals (5%) do not like ideals either because they work within the system. Even Idealists are selective as well and may not like the ideals of a rival group. The Crazies (5%) do not like ideals because they are two idiotic to understand.But it still leaves a % of the population that will follow ideals. However, some of these people are flighty and their support will not be sustained. Artisans (25%) are too busy on their own projects to bother about the Ideals of another. So the thinking of other personalities do not fit in.

It gets worse as even the most sensible people, or probably the sensible people, just suspect a vested interest. An agenda and an ulterior motive. This does communicate very well.;_ylc=X3oDMTZtMTU0ZzdjBElfYWd1aWQDVFlBU1lIRUJLNktNNEFNTTZLRDMzVlZWMkEESV9jZ3VpZAMESV9jcHJvcAMxMDEESV9sdHMDMTMxNDk4MzE3OARJX3VjbnR4AwRJX3VzcmMDeS51ay5hbnN3ZXJzBElfdXN1aWQDMjAxMTA5MDIwODEyNTNBQVNsczdYXzU2YjAxMTM4MWE5YWFhOTBkM2Q1ODZkNWMxZDVmY2I4YWEESV91dHlwZQNhbnN3ZXIEX1MDMjAyMzQzNTI2MQRleHBJRAMxMDAEeGZvcm1JRAM-?qid=20110902081253AASls7X&answerer=56b011381a9aaa90d3d586d5c1d5fcb8aa&hash=0b4c4c3a2e5c3b7e1db7753d43fbed60cca1b07133e2802f578d860298153351

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