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Definition: having a lack of respect for God or religion or an act that demonstrates this

Synonyms: irreverence, godlessness, sacrilege, blasphemy

Antonyms: reverence, respect, devotion

Tips: Impiety is the negative of piety which comes from Latin pietas, from pius, “devout.” Add the negative im-, "not" to piety, and impiety becomes disrespect of religion, or simply disrespect. Sometimes impiety can refer to a lack of respect or reverence for something other than religion. Impiety comes from the same Latin origin as pious and impious. Impious is the adjective form of impiety and is used to describe the actions of someone who is not respectful of religion.

Usage Examples:

Such impiety will not be tolerated here, where we always show respect for our elders. (disrespect, irreverence)
Her impiety caused her to be ostracized by members of the church. (blasphemy)
I thought it was impious of him to wear ripped jeans and a dirty shirt to church. (disrespectful, sacrilegious) adjective

In the 1500's, the church accused him of impiety and had all his writings burned. (sacrilege, blasphemy)

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