Sunday, 29 May 2011

Out on the Tiles (for the Book)

Dream sequence, not so much "out on the tiles" but crawling over a flimsy superstructure without any walls and somebody else wanted to join me. "Get off!" I shouted, the whole Edifice will collapse.

edifice | edfs | n. LME. [(O)Fr. edifice f. L aedificium, f. aedis, aedes (see next) + -fic- var. of fac- stem of facere make.] 1 A building, esp. a large and stately one; fig. a large and complex construction (freq. abstract). LME. 2 The process of building; architectural style. L16-M17.
1 H. JAMES He had been livingin an edifice of red brick, with granite copings and an enormous fan-light over the door. R. M. PIRSIG One logical slip and an entire scientific edifice comes tumbling down.

Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
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