Sunday, 31 October 2010

Knights of the Round Table

The table is round and this gives no one member of those invited to the table any advantage. But you have to be a Knight and this means a stakeholder (stick your stake in the ground), which means property, and are representatives of the commoners allowed around the table?

The game is Capitalist Poker and your stake is represented by the amount of resources (represented by money tokens) that you can call on to play, representing castles and armed retainers, agricultural land and serfs (possessions) and possibly benefactors (from over the sea).

But the hands are dealt by God (whoever he may be) and who is going to take the Pot? Now being a commoner my stake is low and although my cards are high what card is going to appear in the river? Will the benefactor invest when the wrong card means Death?

Dark clouds of the Revolution are in the sky, Thunder and Lightning, the new game is Chess and the armies are gathering. This is to be expected when the commoners are not allowed at the Round Table. The gate is locked and the paid Guards are watching.


Glaucus said...

Does getting resources from an outside benefactor count as Treason?

Glaucus said...

How many seats at the Table? Sixteen?

Gender differences in the Druid religion?