Saturday, 26 July 2008

Dr Lovegood

We’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’
By Dr Lovegood on 03-27-2008
More songs and possibly more poems have been written about love than any other topic. Happy-in-love songs are usually pretty sappy while crossed-in-love songs tend to seem more substantial and true to life. Here are some tips to help you become or continue to be happily, sappily in love. As I wrote last week, many of these tips will work equally well for men of the same temperament.

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Glaucus said...

This useful link no longer works and I did not keep a copy

Glaucus said...

How Guardian women want to be shown love:

Guardians generally work very hard to keep the family going. Recognize that by spoiling them with bubble baths, time alone, back rubs, small gifts, and the like
Comment positively on new hairstyles, new clothing, weight lost/gained, effects of working out, and the like
Praise for good household and money management
Run interference for them with people or situations they find especially stressful
They want to be seen as physically desirable

How Artisan women want to be shown love:

Physical pampering including back rubs, brushing hair, putting lotion on, and sometimes more active games, such as can’t catch me or wrestling

Comment positively on their elegance of motion and physical conditioning, along with hair and clothes

Praise for positive thinking and playful spirit

Provide structure in areas where they are weak without making a jail

They want to be seen as physically irresistible

How Rational women want to be shown love:

Listen to their ideas and offer suggestions which say that their ideas are worth pursuing

Allow them to handle things without interference or second-guessing

Praise for incisive and radical thinking

Take care of things in the sensing world for them, such as housework, car maintenance, and repairs

They want to be seen as having an irresistibly beautiful mind

How Idealist women want to be shown love:

Listen to them without trying to solve problems. Periodically summarize, synthesize, and restate so it is clear you are listening intelligently

Express your belief that they can come up with good answers to problems but be prepared to provide shelter when the fallout gets unbearable

Praise for their insights into people and their ability to help people

Protect them from emotional devastation

They want to be seen as having an irresistibly beautiful soul

Glaucus said...

Unbearable fallout from the Guardians (SJ). They have their property interests to protect.